10 Mile Creek tournament requires a launch fee at the ramp. The club has prepaid a 1 day $5 fee for everyone to launch on tournament day. You do not need to purchase a pass in advance unless you intend to prefish this week.

​On tournament day after you launch your boat you must idle out to the mouth of the creek and we will blast off from the river. Remember we start at 6 so give yourself an extra 15 mins to idle out and be there at 6am.

After looking at our calendar for the remainder of the season I have decided not to reschedule Jennings Randolph. At this point in the season it would not be fair to reschedule and maybe cost someone to miss an important tournament. We have all made plans, vacations, and other tournaments around our schedule as constructed. We will just simply be short 1 tournament on the standings for the season and nothing else will change. 

I have also been able to add around $4,000 (30+ Prizes) to give away for FREE @ our FREE banquet at Lake Norman Club Championship. This is an elimination style dinner for all the members attending the Championship. Prizes include- all brands of boat oil, Carrot Stix Rods, Dobyns Rods, Gift Cards to BPS/Dicks Sporting Goods, Flying Fisherman Sunglasses, 7' Humminbird HD Color GPS Depthfinder and MORE!  PLUS, you get to fish for $5,000 first place and a$12,000 total purse on LAKE NORMAN!


Why should you join with us in 2017???

1. 100% payback in all 9 trail tournaments!

2. A FREE 2 day tournament @ Raystown Lake to all members with a GUARENTEED first place of $1,000 and $2,000 minimum purse.

3. A FREE end of the year Jackpot tournament to the top team finishers. $2,000 GUARENTEED minimum winner take all!

4. 2017 Overall Championship will not only win FREE entry fees for all 2018 regular season tournament but they will also represent our club in the BASS Team Championship Tournament.

​Sill not convinced and need more reason to join? I forgot to mention one other small detail. How about a first class destination and only have to compete against our membership in the Club Championship @ Lake Norman, NC. A FREE club banquet the night before the tournament for the membership and a GUANRETEED MINIMUM PABACK OF $12,000 and $5,000 FIRST PLACE! 

​All 2017 tournaments are permit approved and final.

Contact Brent Bowsher 304-906-6028 or Bowsher05@frontier.com

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