2023 Championship Results

Congratulations to Brandon Hoppert and Jordan Readd for winning the 2023 combined 2-day event. Second place was Eric Metheny and Brian Ude. Third place was Larry and Daniel Shaw. Fourth place was Jason Dalton and Chad McMillen. Fifth place was Karl Hamerick and Rob Ludwig. 

Day one at the Yough there was 42 bass (4 fish limit) weighing 122 lbs. for a 2.90 average. Day 2 at Deep Creek Lake there was 53 bass weighing 121 lbs. for a 2.28 average. The CLAB club caught 1,216 pounds of bass during the eight regular season tournaments. It was a good year of fishing, with a great 2-day championship. I look forward to seeing everyone fishing again in the spring.

​Championship 2023