Cheat Lake Angler's Bass Club


Congratulations to Cutis & Randy on their win at Deep Creek with 12.68. Second place went to Kevin & Max with 12.01, third was Brandon & Lucas with 11.48, fourth place went to Trent & John 11.38, fifth was Jimmy & Eric 11.09, and rounding out the Top 6 payback was Denzil & Ed 10.82 and they also took lunker with 5.64 largemouth. We had 46 boats caught a total of 157 fish for 279.58 lbs of fish. Not a bad tournament for the high heat and rough boat traffic.

The overall standings now reflect everyone's drop score. The computer will automatically update this the rest of the season after every tournament. All ties are also broken by the season total weight for each team. No bonus points are dropped.

Our next tournament is the Twilight Yough tournament and has a 7PM start time! The Mon. River tournament has also been rescheduled for Sept. 9.

​Everyone please keep in mind when looking at the points you are awarded 3 bonus points for winning a tournament and 2 points for each lunker. Drop scores will start after the fourth tournament of the season.


Why should you fish with Cheat Lake Angler's Bass Club in 2018???

Bassmaster Team Championship Qualifiers.

Our tournaments have an OFF LIMITS period before each tournament for a competitive atmosphere to ALL our anglers!

​Fully backed & insured by the North American Tournament Association.

​We travel to the best waters in MD, PA, & WV to offer the best fishing instead of the same local waters over and over!

FREE Championship Banquet for all qualifying teams + prize giveaways!

$10,000+ Club Championship on Douglas Lake, TN with ONLY club guys!

​And the best competition from MD, PA, & WV!

​*Non-guaranteed numbers above are subject to change less or more*

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