Congratulations Bart Shaffer and TJ Sisler on their win at Yough Lake with a 15.90 lbs.  Second place was Ray and Debbie Grimes with 14.16 lbs. Third place was Jason Dalton and Chad McMillen with 13.14 lbs.  There were 64 bass caught for a total weight of 143 lbs., averaging 2.22 lbs. per fish. Lunker was a tie at 4.34 lbs, both smallmouth, caught by Metheny-Ude and Shaffer-Sisler. 

The next tournament will be at Jennings Randolph on August 13, 2022 going out of the Maryland Ramp.  Times will be 7pm to 4 am Off limits will be from Monday August 8th until the tournament. Off limit is behind the buoys at the dam .

A couple of rules reminders, anytime the boat engine is running you must be wearing a life jacket and be attached to the kill switch.  Also, if you plan to fish an open on a body of water that is off limits you must contact me so that I can make the other members aware of the tournament.