​The 2017 winter meeting took place and the schedule was voted and set. We also made a few rules changes for the 2017 season. You are now allowed to bring a club member as a sub to the Championship. This has to be a paid member of the current season. We eliminated subs allowed for the FREE tournament, you are no longer allowed to weigh-in a dead fish for lunker, and we raise the tournament entry fees to $60 a team. Our 2017 Championship site this year will be Lake Norman, NC on October 13 & 14. Off limits will start Tuesday September 5 through October 8. The $125 Championship fee must be paid by the first tournament. You have 2 ways to qualify with finishing in the top half overall standings or fish all 9 regular season tournaments.

​I am in the process of website upgrades and things will be added over the next couple of weeks. We will accept new members for 2017 up until April 8.

Contact Brent Bowsher 304-906-6028 or Bowsher05@frontier.com

Cheat Lake Angler's Bass Club