Congratulations Mark and Justin Stanton on their back to back win at Sutton Lake with a 9.62 lbs.  Second place was Dusty Carpenter and Wayne Stroupe with 7.0 lbs. Third place was Eric Metheny and Brian Ude with 6.96 lbs.  There were 40 bass caught for a total weight of 63 lbs., averaging 1.58 lbs. per fish. Lunker was caught by Mark and Justin Stanton weighing 4.18 lbs. 

The next tournament will be at Yough Lake Somerfield Ramp on July 16th, 2022 launching at 8:00 pm and ending at 5:00 am. Off limits will be from Monday July 11th until the tournament.   Off limit is behind the buoys at the dam .

A couple of rules reminders, anytime the boat engine is running you must be wearing a life jacket and be attached to the kill switch.  Also, if you plan to fish an open on a body of water that is off limits you must contact me so that I can make the other members aware of the tournament.