Cheat Lake Angler's Bass Club


Even though mother nature dealt us a bad hand in the weather several teams managed to catch nice fish at Stonewall Jackson this past weekend.. Congratulations to Larry Shaw & Daniel Shaw on the season opening win with 29.06lbs. Second place went to Rod Hatfield & Paul Tinder with 26.58, followed in third by AJ & Blaine with 21.40 and anchored by the biggest bag of the tournament on day 2 with 17.14, fourth went to newcomers Kevin Hagerman & Max Suter with 16.14, fifth was Tim Ross & Dalton Fuller 16.06, and rounding out the Top 6 payback was Dusty Carpenter & Ronald Stoupe with 15.64. Day 1 Lunker went to Larry & Daniel with 7.18 and Day 2 went to AJ & Blaine with 7.30. Over 2 days we had 44 boats catch a total of 97 fish for a total of 292.60lbs. Day 1 saw 39 fish for 113.02 and Day 2 saw 58 fish for 179.58lbs.

Our next tournament is in 2 weeks at Cheat Lake from 7-4. Off limits will start on Monday, April 30. Off limits on the water at Cheat Lake are the first set of buoys at the dam and you can not fish inside the buoys at the harbor. Everyone please keep in mind when looking at the points you are awarded 3 bonus points for winning a tournament and 2 points for each lunker. Drop scores will start after the fourth tournament of the season.

Why should you fish with Cheat Lake Angler's Bass Club in 2018???

Bassmaster Team Championship Qualifiers.

Our tournaments have an OFF LIMITS period before each tournament for a competitive atmosphere to ALL our anglers!

​Fully backed & insured by the North American Tournament Association.

​We travel to the best waters in MD, PA, & WV to offer the best fishing instead of the same local waters over and over!

FREE 2 Day tournament to ALL members with $1,000 first place guaranteed.

​End of the Year Top 10 payback of $4,000 total with 1st place $1,000 & FREE 2019 entry fees for Overall Champions.

FREE Championship Banquet for all qualifying teams + prize giveaways!

$10,000+ Club Championship on Douglas Lake, TN with ONLY club guys!

​And the best competition from MD, PA, & WV!

​*Non-guaranteed numbers above are subject to change less or more*

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