Congratulations to Colton Fink and Travis Hitchens on the win at Deep Creek Lake with 11.14 lb weight. Second place was Brandon Hoppert and Lucas Knotts with 8.70 lbs. Third place was Rob Johnson and Duane Davis with 8.06  lbs.  Fourth place Eric and Larry Metheny  with 7.78 lbs.  Fifth place was Brent Bowsher and Brian Cosner with 7.78 lbs. Lunker was a 5.06 lb. largemouth caught by Ty Ellis and Brian Ude. The club caught 86 fish for a weight of 133 lbs., a 1.55 lb average per fish.​ (Year to date results include the drop of your lowest finish for 2019).

Congratulations are also in order for the end of the year points standing winners Larry and Daniel Shaw. Second place was Kevin Hagerman and Max Sutter, third place was Bryson Grimes and Ryan Hovatter, fourth place was Chad McMillen and Jason Dalton, fifth place was Brent Bowsher and Brian Cosner, sixth place was Trent Stanton and John Richardson.  The EOY results are noted in the 2019 Overall Standings tab. Awards will be given at the Oneida Championship banquet for the winners.

Please see the Oneida Champsionship Tab for details on the event.  

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Cheat Lake Angler's Bass Club