Congratulations Trent Stanton and Mike Pryor on their back to back win at Deep Creek Lake with 15.10 lbs.  Second place was Eric Metheny and Brian Ude with 13.48 lbs. Third place was Colton Fink and Travis Hitchens with 13.42 lbs.  There were 131lbs of bass caught for an average per boat of 10 lbs. Lunker was a 5.20 lbs largemouth caught by Trent and Mike. 

The next tournament will be at Mosquito Lake on Sept. 24th-25th, 2022 going out of the Causeway Ramp.  Times will be 7:00 am to 4 pm Day 1 and 7am - 2:30pm Day 2. Official practice is at daylight on Friday Sept 23rd until dark that evening.

A couple of rules reminders, anytime the boat engine is running you must be wearing a life jacket and be attached to the kill switch.  Also, if you plan to fish an open on a body of water that is off limits you must contact me so that I can make the other members aware of the tournament.