The 2018 Regular Season comes to a close with high water and big weights at the Yough. Bob Bowsher & George Lesson win the final tournament of the year with 14.96 lb and lunker 3.96 lb smallmouth. In a close second place was Colten and Travis with 14.48, followed in third by Brent & Brian 12.62, fourth was Bart & TJ 12.06, fifth place Carl and Robbie 11.32, and rounding out the Top 6 payback was Bud & Donnie with 11.26. The club caught a total of 93 fish for 191.67 lbs. The final standings for 2018 are posted and congratulations to Larry & Daniel Shaw for winning the points championship and the other 9 teams who finished in the Top 10.


The Top 10 overall will receive payouts at the Championship Banquet. We will also announce the BASS Team Championship representatives after the Douglas weigh-in. Everyone fishing Douglas must have an answer if they are going or we will go down the list in order of finish for alternates. The overall champions must also have an answer at Douglas or we will move on to next in line. Please go over this with your partners now and be prepared to have a yes or no answer. I want to say THANK ALL OF OUR SPONSORS for their support in 2018 as we always greatly appreciate their continued support and what makes this club the best around. I also want to THANK all of our membership over the past 13 years. As I step down after this season as president please know that we are in fantastic hands moving forward with Eric Metheny as the new club president. I will continue to fish and help as much possible in 2019 with the club and I encourage everyone to do the same! 

The Lake Douglas Championship Banquet has been set for Wednesday Night, October 17 @ 6pm. This will take place at the Wood Grill Buffet. http://woodgrillbuffetpf.com/index.shtml

This is free to all members attending the Championship!

Contact Brent Bowsher 304-906-6028 or Bowsher05@frontier.com

Cheat Lake Angler's Bass Club