​Larry Shaw & Daniel Shaw turned a tough day at the Yough into an amazing 14.28lb bag of smallmouth for the big win! Second place went to Jason & Chad with 10.32 followed closely behind in third was Bart & Peyton with 10.14, fourth was Bart & TJ 7.95, Brent & Justin took fifth 7.88, and rounding out the Top 6 payback was Bud & Donnie with 6.76. Traditionally the Yough is our best tournament of the season and this year will rank as one of the worst. Super high water and falling temps for fall conditions allowed the club to weigh in only 82 fish and 143.79lb in 37 teams. A very tough 3.88lb per boat average. Race for the Top 10 fish off is super tight and will come down to the wire through the last tournament!

The last open tournament of the season is the Yough Lake Fall Classic October 22 from 7-3. Entry fee is $100 and includes lunker. We will launch from the ramp at the dam.

​Couple of quick notes moving forward- 

​1. Off Limits for Lake Norman begin Tuesday, September 5 - October 8.

​2. No Guides, guest, or buddies are allowed to fish with you during the Official Practice day @ Lake Norman. Just you and your partner are the only ones permitted to fish.

​3. I will announce the Top 10 fish location at the DCL Tournament.

Why should you join with us in 2017???

1. 100% payback in all 9 trail tournaments!

2. A FREE 2 day tournament @ Raystown Lake to all members with a GUARENTEED first place of $1,000 and $2,000 minimum purse.

3. A FREE end of the year Jackpot tournament to the top team finishers. $2,000 GUARENTEED minimum winner take all!

4. 2017 Overall Championship will not only win FREE entry fees for all 2018 regular season tournament but they will also represent our club in the BASS Team Championship Tournament.

​Sill not convinced and need more reason to join? I forgot to mention one other small detail. How about a first class destination and only have to compete against our membership in the Club Championship @ Lake Norman, NC. A FREE club banquet the night before the tournament for the membership and a GUANRETEED MINIMUM PABACK OF $12,000 and $5,000 FIRST PLACE! 

​We are now accepting new members for 2018 to be added on the call list to attend & join at the Winter Meeting!

Contact Brent Bowsher 304-906-6028 or Bowsher05@frontier.com

Cheat Lake Angler's Bass Club