Cheat Lake Angler's Bass Club

Congratulations to Paul and Trudy Noechel on their win at Cheat Lake with 9.10 pounds!  Second place was Larry and Daniel Shaw, third place was Max Suter and Kevin Hagerman and rounding out the top four was Mark and Justin Stanton.  There were 20 boats that caught 61 bass with a weight of 84.56 lbs for an average weight per bass of 1.38 pounds. Kevin and Max weighed lunker at 4.58 pounds.

The next tournament is September 20th at Palentine Park from 7:00 am - 3:30:00 pm   Off limits - are any post locations.  The locks will not be open for this tournament. 

Your lowest point total for the tournaments has been dropped on the YTD page.  The weights are your total for all tournaments this year.